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To be free is a privilege that one has to work for continiously. Vry Afrikaner is an Afrikaner freedom movement envolved with economic development of the volkstaat region. We have also have created an independent media platform from which the ideal of Afrikaner freedom can be promoted.

We regularly offer team building events in Orania and arrange cultural activities such as Afrikaas music concerts. Vry Afrikaner is also involved in projects in Orania with the aim of developing entrepreneur skills and job creation. A growing number of Afrikaner organisations are openly supporting Orania and Vry Afrikaner is proud to be a part of support base.

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Vry Afrikaner-blog

Here a team of experienced freelance journalists and writers share their thoughts, experiences and ideals with the Afrikaner cyber public. On Vry Afrikaner-blog you'll find news, video interviews with notable Afrikaners, the republican philosophy, the rich history of Afrikaners as well as Afrikaner heros that have left a legacy to be proud of. Read
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Thousands of Afrikaners are already part of the Vry Afrikaner movement on Facebook. We chat about Afrikaner freedom, take part in interesting polls and publish all new articles and videos from the blog. We keep people informed about developments in Orania and also share our thoughts about the world of Afrikaans film, music, literature, theatre and sport. Feel free to join Vry Afrikaner's Facebook
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Vry Afrikaner on YouTube

View our interesting interviews and follow all our videos on KANAAL VA, Vry Afrikaner's own YouTube channel. We regularly interview commentators, role players and leaders from a variety of Afrikaans organisations, e.g. AfriForum, Solidariteit and
Orania Movement. Have a look at KANAAL VA!

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