Orania Movement

The Orania Movement is an Afrikaans cultural movement with the aim to restore Afrikaner freedom in an independant, democratic Republic based on Christian values and a healthy balance between independence and cooperation with surrounding areas.

Orania Movement can be contacted during office hours at 053 207 0062 or you can send an email to inligting@orania.co.za


The Orania Movement concerns itself with two main areas of activity: public relations and information, and development. Timely and accurate information on the proposed area for Afrikaner settlement and developments in this regard, the democratic values and republican history of the Afrikaner, as well as contact with official leadership is distributed. Sustainable development with a view to attain economical, cultural and political independence is the second area of focus.


Both individuals and entities can join the Orania Movement. Members then receive our quarterly magazine in Afrikaans (Voorgrond), a monthly electronic newsletter (presently only in Afrikaans) and regular information on conferences and media liason activities, other organisations and national leaders.


A growing support base is a prerequisite for extending the sphere of influence of Orania. One can hardly imagine Israel without the support of Jews all over the world (as embodied in the Zionist Movement). Therefore joining and supporting the Orania Movement is essential if Orania is to become a home for Afrikaners. Become part of the greater Orania family now, and help us grow and develop!

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