Orania Community

Feel free to ask the people in Orania who they are and you'll hear: "Ons is Oraniërs!"

There are very few communities that are so proud of their identity and surroundings as the people of Orania. One can sense a unique spirit of solidarity amongst Oraniërs – people are hard working, friendly and always receive visitors with open arms.

Upon visiting Orania for the first time, many visitors initially find it strange that passers-by greet and smile at them. Nevertheless, one soon realizes that everybody greet one another simply because it's good manners! Small things such as this still mean something in Orania.

Dr. DF Malan said years ago that we must “bring together those who belong together as a result of equal norms and values". If one values good manners, honsesty and a healthy work ethic then one won't feel out of place in Orania. Here one finds almost no self centred individuals due to the fact that everybody feel part of the greater group - a community that exists out of individuals that care for one another.

Population growth

Orania's community boasts a healthy growth rate over the past 25 years. The population growth rate currently stands at 12% p.a and with all the development taking place in Orania, the town's population is projected to reach 10 000 by 2030.

Orania receives new inhabitants almost on a weekly basis. The town's schools are bursting out of their seams and it's not strange to see new classrooms being constructed during school holidays. Approximately one third of Orania's population consists of children under the age of 18.

With unemployment under 3%, little to zero crime and economic growth of more than 10% per annum, it is clear that Orania is developing in a sustainable manner.

Orania population since 1991

Afirkaner people in the current South African political landscape no longer have the instruments to flourish and more Afrikaners are starting to realize this.

At the same time Orania is establishing itself as a symbol of alternative and sustainable practices. Orania is a concrete reality proving that something else still is possible, resulting in larger recognition and acceptance of our community.

This larger recognition is translated into faster growth and development, which has to be managed in a professional and effective manner.

Orania Town Council

For most citizens of
Orania it is important to know that that the town's finances are well spent. In times that many municipalities are facing bankruptcy, everybody wants to ensure that Orania's finances are managed on a healthy financial basis.

Also the fact that Orania is managed as a private company, a need of certainty will always be present. The board of Vluytjeskraal Aandeleblok Bpk (Orania Town Council) implemented a few important guidelines on which Orania has been successfully managed over the past two decades. These guidelines include the following:

All functions are carried out in terms of the Law on the Control of Private Companies; strict financial management on a complete debt free basis and the annual ellection of a board that possesses the necessary expertise and ability to effectively manage the town's affairs.

The foundation for growth and confidence is laid down by this democratic and conservative approach. The most notable proof of this is evident in the fact that property prices in Orania show continual growth, in sharp contrast to many other towns where the opposite is taking place.

Orania's Town Council can provide a large variety of municipal services in Orania. Some of these services include the provision of electricity, water, refuse removal, sanitation and maintaining roads, parks and sidewalks.

The Town Council also takes responsibility for the environment by sorting all refuse in five categories before recycling glass, plastics, paper and metal.

Orania Town Council also plays an important role with regards to community development. Here attention is paid to sport and leisure, law and order, tourism, emergency services, security, library services and social aide.

The community is proud of the manner in which our town is being run - clean water, no potholes, fast service delivery, minimal power cuts and friendly yet effective officials are all indicators of reliable management.